Sanrosoft Application: Feature-Packed Agency Management Application
Sanrosoft Application:  Feature-Packed Agency Management Application
31 May, 2021

AMS or agency management system helps the agencies worldwide to organize their business administration so that they can effectively run their operations. It is a SaaS (software as a service) technology is built for specific niche markets to cater to their specific needs. Every organization requires some amount of management protocol to maintain the workflow on a daily basis. Now, doing all these tasks manually can be tiring as well as time consuming for the team managers. This is why companies rely on agency management software that helps the managers to track workflow and run operations quickly and smoothly.

Here, we will know more about Sanrofoft application, which is one of the bizatioest agency management systems we have. The main features of this application will help you to understand the importance of it within your organn. If you are planning to incorporate an agency management application in your organization, read these points carefully and choose wisely.

Sanrosoft Agency Management Application:

Designed to take the headache out of the daily administration and record keeping task, this application can be helpful for your project management. If you belong to care industry or any other services, you must be in need for the security of yourcompliance, compulsory and necessary data. This is where the Sanrosoft agency management software can be beneficial for your business. All the information, staff records, compliance, documents as well as customer information of your business will be stored in the application safely.

Secondly, one of the most difficult tasks is keeping all these information updated. Manual update is not only time consuming but it also requires a lot of effort. For care agencies, tasks such as keeping track of the daily nursing charts submitted by staff are mandatory. The Sanrosoft agency management application is integrated with the most advanced technology to take the headache out of the daily administration and record keeping task. You can keep real-time up-to-date records in a simpler manner using this application. The best part of this application is that it runs on a web-based server, which makes it possible for your staff to access and update data from anywhere. Now, let's explore the four main features of Sanrosoft care application

  • On-Demand Reporting: This feature lets you track your staff’s progress with detailed summary reports. All the reports are synchronised in real-time, making your management easier than ever. The reports and data remain fully secured in the software and there is minimum chance of data or report loss.


  • Powerful Reporting: The ordinary agency management apps have less number of fields and options that make tracking difficult. For care agencies, each and every information is important and keeping this in mind, the developers have created this app. Unlike the ordinary apps, it provides ample fields to enter every minute detail important for you. Hence, you can track your vital statistics and progress accurately with detailed summary reports.


  • Staff Records: This feature is very important for almost all industries worldwide. Staff record is a feature that lets you add personnel records of all the required staff details such as their name, address, contact numbers and more within the app. Secondly, you can keep the compliance records such as staff training, qualifications, pin and more. Now, an interesting aspect of this feature is that it gives advanced warning to both your agency and your staff members of any pending certification/diploma/training expiration and updates/re-certification. It will let you know whenever a staff member fails to re-certify/train in time. Finally, the app can also restrict such members from further caring duties unless the training has been successfully completed.


  • Recruitment Interviews and References: This application allows for online applications of new potential carers or nurses. As the recruitment can be done online, it becomes more organized. You can receive all the new employees' documents, certifications, diploma's, etc. online. When you recruit a member, he or she can sign up online with the handy electronic signature feature. The app can sign multiple documents such as DBS declaration form, Consent form, Night worker declaration, Starter documents and Contracts.

The feature-packed agency management system from Sanrosoft can make your agency more organized. If you are looking for a highly acclaimed care organization with their own agency management application, you can feel free to get in touch with us. We at Sanro Soft provide high end apps and software for all agencies. We have recently developed a care agency application that is at the top of the list for most of the caregivers across the globe. You can also get customised apps and software at an affordable budget. So, why wait anymore? Call us today to get the best services that you truly deserve.