7 things to focus on your SEO audit
7 things to focus on your SEO audit
26 Jul, 2023

SEO audit plays a crucial role in determining the performance of your website in search engines. It also helps you analyse the main problems your present website is facing and how you could solve them. Search Engine Optimization professionals worldwide are prioritising audits because of their relevance in making a site visible and accessible.
For all these reasons, if you’re thinking about whether you should opt for Search Engine Optimization audit for your website, the answer is yes. And to help you ace this task, we are sharing the vital areas that you must ensure during your Search Engine Optimization audit. So, without any further delay, let’s discuss 7 things to focus on in your SEO audit.

  • Market Research: Usually, Search Engine Optimization audits start with a thorough analysis of the competition a website has in a specific domain. For example, if you own a personal care brand that has an e-commerce site, you certainly have some strong competitors in the market. Your audit will be based on checking those websites and finding out the ways in which those are performing better than you. Accordingly, your Search Engine Optimization expert will suggest you the best solution.

  • User Interface: The next thing to check during your SEO audit is the user interface or the user accessibility of your site. In web design, UI plays a vital role in making a site easy to access and feature-rich. This goes on with the implementation of some latest Search Engine Optimization strategies. During your Search Engine Optimization audit, the accessibility of your website should be thoroughly checked so that you can come up with a better design in terms of the user interface.

  • Image Alt Text: The main problem with search engines is that these can’t read images or other types of content but only text. Hence, the main responsibility of the web designer should be creating meaningful text to tag images and other types of content. Image Alt Text is just about that. It’s an attribute that the images on your site must have in order to sound meaningful to search engines. You need to check every Image Alt Text during your site audit and modify it according to your needs.

  • Heading Tags: We all know that content plays a pivotal role in improving the performance of websites despite their structure and size. Your website needs to have relevant and unique content to help your visitors as well as search engines understand your business. Heading Tags (headlines, subheads, etc.) are important as these can help search engines understand your content better. So, in your site audit, you need to check whether all the Heading Tags are present or if anything important is missing.

  • Keyword Evaluation: Keywords are the most essential components of SEO practices as they can help the experts optimize web pages according to the popular searches made by users. The search traffic of your site depends mostly on how well-researched the keyword you include in your site. And so, you need to evaluate the keyword usage of your site and how you can use more relevant keywords to boost traffic. You can hire a digital marketing company for a professional keyword evaluation service.

  • On-Page Optimization: On-page search engine optimization refers to a method of checking all the necessary elements of a website. Starting from the page length or size to the content, keywords, ALT tags, URLs and more are checked during this method to find out missing elements and errors. It’s extremely important to ensure a fully optimized website through on-page optimization. You can do it during the audit using an optimization tool or consult an SEO expert for better and flawless results.

  • Sitemap: The structure of websites is evaluated by Google and other search engines to make sure the sites are easily accessible and safe for the users. For this reason, you need to be very particular with the sitemap of your website and evaluate it during the Search Engine Optimization audit. Things that you need to ensure are whether your site is mobile-friendly or not, whether it’s easy to navigate or not, whether it includes HTTPS for safety or not and much more elements during the site audit.

So, the above 7 components are a must during the Search Engine Optimization audit of your website. To know more or get a professional site audit service, you can contact us at Sanro Soft. We are one of the most renowned digital marketing agencies providing prompt assistance in repairing and maintaining your site’s performance. We boast a bunch of prolific SEO experts, who can help you boost your web traffic by implementing the most advanced strategies. So, why wait any further? Contact us today to know about our site audit packages and more SEO services.