Top 10 SEO Tips for a Mobile-Friendly Website
Top 10 SEO Tips for a Mobile-Friendly Website
21 Sep, 2023

As per statistics, over 50 percent of web page views are from mobile phones around the world. Google recently published a report that says more than 60 percent of the search engine’s organic search traffic comes from mobile phone users.
The above analysis justifies the ardent need for a mobile-friendly website!
If you are planning to create a business website anytime soon, partnering with a digital marketing company for the best SEO practices should be on top of your priority list.
SEO or Search Engine Optimization can surely help you reach a wide number of viewers online looking for similar services in your domain. And, as most of these viewers are mobile phone users, you also need to tailor the SEO strategies to align the services with their needs. When you can ensure these two key factors, nothing can beat you to get the highest rank on Google.
So, in this post, we are going to tell you everything about mobile SEO. We have already explained why it is important and now, we are going to give you the 10 best SEO tips for a mobile-friendly website. So, let’s begin!

  1. Website Design: The first tip from our experts is to ensure a mobile-friendly design of your website. It involves the first stage of web development when you discuss with the UX and UI team how you want your website in terms of performance metrics. All the mobile-friendly elements should be added to your site so that it navigates smoothly every time you visit from your phone.
  2. Focus on Speed: The next thing that you need to focus on during the development phase of your site is speedy performance. Since 2018, Google has been quite particular while ranking sites based on their speed, justifying the need for your action. You will find a plethora of tools online that allow you to check the speed of your website. Remember that the bounce rate of your site will depend on the speed.
  3. Ensure Consistency: Today, in this technologically advanced era, consistency is everything for a website visitor, especially among the younger generation. If your site shows inconsistency in terms of speed, design, and other aspects, there is a high chance that visitors will leave your site and switch to your competitor. So, to ensure consistency, you need to also opt for a web design that performs well on all devices.
  4. Content Optimization: For any website, content plays a vital role in communicating with the viewers. So, you need a strong content team that provides you with relevant content framing for your entire site, which should also be done while keeping in mind the mobile phone users. Keeping the content simple and unique is the key to fetching the attention of the users, which you can ensure by partnering with a digital marketing company that provides content development services.
  5. Local Search: If you own a business that operates locally more than globally, an SEO strategy to ensure is local search. On Google or any other search engine where millions of users are searching for their needs, local search helps you to optimize your services to the local users. For example, if you own an apparel website, local SEO can help you reach customers looking for new dresses from your region or country.
  6. Social Media Optimization: Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and others can help you immensely in attracting potential customers from their users. If you optimize your website with these platforms, you will benefit from the same. There are many SEO practices including campaigns and more, which you can implement to make the most of your social media optimization practices.
  7. Compressed Images: Focusing on the size of your website is equally important as speed because it ensures a pleasing experience for the viewers. Your website may contain plenty of images, which should be compressed to reduce the overall size of your website. It will make the site easily loadable, helping the visitors find their relevant content within fractions of seconds.
  8. HTML5: Though Adobe Flash is essential when you are planning to add animated videos to your website, avoiding it will help you to make your site mobile-friendly. For mobile devices, HTML5 is the best option when it comes to navigation.
  9. Focus on Font: Though font is just one element of the overall web design, it plays a crucial role in determining the layout of your web pages. And so, you need to focus on the font design, font size, font alignment, and similar aspects.
  10. Link Integration: Websites contain backlinks to boost the conversion rates of the same or other partner sites. However, too many links can lead to disappointment for the users or it can also make them click out of your site. So, having limited links would be the best idea.
So, that’s all about the top 10 SEO tips for a mobile-friendly website! If you want to know further or hire a digital marketing company for the SEO performance of your website, you can reach us at Sanro Soft. As one of the finest SEO and digital marketing agencies across the globe, we ensure all the features explained above. With the best SEO consultant on board, we can help you customize the design and performance of your site based on your niche, specific needs, and goals. So, why look any further?