Agency Management System

Running a nursing agency requires a lot of compliance, compulsory and necessary data. Such as the agencies information, staff records, compliance, documents as well as customer information and requirements for staff and the need for staff to cover those shifts.

Keeping up to date with all this information is time consuming especially as rotations and customer care have to be updated almost in real-time. This includes having to keep track of the daily nursing charts submitted by staff.

Our Agency Manage System is designed to take the headache out of the daily administration and record keeping task. It is a full-featured Agency Management System that has all you need and more to keep real-time up-to-date records. As it runs on a web-based server your data is securely accessible to you anytime and anywhere 24/7 365 days a year.

The system requires secure login which is granted by the Nursing Agency as is the level of access according to the agencies set data access policies. This means that your data is completely secure and only accessible by your Agency and authorized staff members.

This system real time offers:


On-demand Reporting

Accurately track your staff’s progress with detailed summary reports, all synchronised in real-time.


Powerful Reporting

Track your vital statistics and progress accurately with detailed summary reports, all synchronised in real-time.


Staff Records

◦ Personnel Records of all the required staff details such as their name, address, contact numbers, etc. ◦ Training ▪ Keeps track of mandatory compliance records such as staff training, qualifications, pin ▪ The system is set to give advanced warning to both the agency and staff member of any pending certification/diploma/training expiration and updates/re-certification. ▪ If the staff member fails to re-certify/train in time the system will preclude them from any duties. As such the system will not allow for further nursing/caring duties/bookings or be added to any schedules until the training has been successfully completed.


Recruitment Interviews and References

◦ Recruitment is more streamlined and can be done online ◦ The system allows for online applications of new potential carers/nurses ◦ A recruiter can receive all the new employees' documents, certifications, diploma's, etc. online ◦ Newly recruited staff can be signed up online with the handy electronic signature feature eliminating paper-based documents. This feature can sign the following document types: ▪ DBS declaration form ▪ Consent form ▪ Night worker declaration ▪ Starter documents ▪ Contracts