Sanro Care : one integrated system instead of multiple applications for Care agency
Sanro Care : one integrated system instead of  multiple applications for Care agency
21 Jun, 2021

Integrated systems make organization management more synchronized. For care agencies, managing the daily tasks and updating them can get difficult if you don’t have an agency management system. Organizations worldwide are using this system to effectively run their operations. As a SaaS (software as a service) technology, it is usually designed for specific niche markets such as the care industry to cater to their specific needs. Maintaining the workflow within an organization becomes much easier with the help of AMS.

  • Sanro Care: Your Most Trusted Care Agency Application

Sanro Care is a perfect example of how advanced an AMS can be. It features every possible technology to maintain the management protocol of care agencies. There are numerous tasks that are associated with care agency management, starting from recruiting and managing staff to managing budgets and ensuring that the quality of the services. Moreover, the care professionals have to mark their everyday task by filling in timesheets. All these operations can be covered by a single app or software called AMS. Sanro Care is the best AMS platform for care agencies worldwide. Here are some salient features of this care software.

  • On-Demand Reporting: This feature is exclusive to the care industry. It lets you track your staff’s progress with detailed summary reports. All the reports are synchronised in real-time, making your management easier than ever. The reports and data remain fully secured in the software and there is minimum chance of data or report loss. The best part of Sanro Care is that it uses the latest technologies to allow on-demand reporting. For the managers, this feature is one of the crucial aspects of care management and home application.


  • Numerous Fields and Options: All the agency management apps have fields and options that make tracking easy. For care agencies, every information is important and keeping this in mind, the developers have created Sanro Care app. Now, most ordinary care management apps have fewer fields that make tracking a cumbersome process. Unlike ordinary apps, Sanro Care provides ample fields to enter every minute detail important for you. Hence, you can track your vital statistics and progress accurately with detailed summary reports.


  • Staff Records: This feature is very important for almost every agency management system catering to various industries worldwide. Staff record is a feature that lets you add personnel records of all the required staff details such as their name, address, contact numbers and more within the app. Also, you can keep the compliance records such as staff training, qualifications, pin and more. An interesting aspect of this feature is that it gives advanced warning to both your agency and your staff members of any pending certification/diploma/training expiration and updates/re-certification. It will let you know whenever a staff member fails to re-certify/train in time. Finally, the app can also restrict such members from further caring duties unless the training has been successfully completed.


  • Recruitment Interviews: This application allows for online applications of new potential carers or nurses. As the recruitment can be done online, the entire process becomes more organized. Firstly, this app allows you to receive all the new employees' documents, certifications, diploma's, etc. online. Secondly, when you recruit a member, the person can sign up online with the handy electronic signature feature. Within the app, one can sign multiple documents such as the DBS declaration form, Consent form, Night worker declaration, Starter documents and Contracts.

Now that you know how Sanro Care agency management system works for managing care industry operations, go ahead and download the app to get started. If you are on the lookout for a well-established care organization that has launched its own agency management application, you can feel free to get in touch with us. We, Sanro Soft, are one of the top ranking companies providing end apps and software for all agencies. Our care agency application Sanro Care is the ultimate companion for most of the care agencies across the globe. However, if you want a customised app and software that caters to your needs and budget, we can deliver it too. So, why wait anymore? Call us today to learn more about Sanro Care application.