5 Reasons to Choose Sanrosoft’s Digital Care Planning Software
5 Reasons to Choose Sanrosoft’s Digital Care Planning Software
12 Aug, 2023

Digital care planning software is transforming the overall infrastructure of the healthcare industry worldwide, helping it with an advanced caregiving atmosphere. No longer do patients need to wait for the prolonged process of paper plans like before as the fully-integrated software can do the entire formalities within a few seconds. And for the caregivers, managing the daily operations within a short span and budget has become possible owing to the latest technology.
If you research, you’ll find a plethora of reasons for choosing any care planning app or tool available online. But, when it comes to choosing the right one, prioritizing your specific needs and business goals will play a pivotal role. This task may seem a bit overwhelming but we can help you by introducing our innovation, Sanro Care. It’s a free digital care planning app that can be customized at a nominal budget to make it align with all your unique needs and preferences.

  • What is Sanro Care?
Sanro Care is a care planning application available for free on Android, Apple and Windows Play Store. This software is meticulously designed by Sanro Soft’s team of professional app developers, who know the ins and outs of healthcare industry apps. Specifically designed to meet the needs of caregiving organizations and hospitals, the app comes with plenty of features to streamline the daily operations in these organizations. Starting from care plan creation to automotive daily tasks and recruiting new employees, the app does it all!
Now that you’re acquainted with the Sanro Care app, let us tell you the main 5 reasons for getting rid of the conventional paperwork and switching to this innovative application!
  • 5 Reasons to Choose Sanro Soft’s Digital Care Planning Software
Here are the main reasons for choosing Sanro Care, the best care planning software for free.
  1. Streamlined Daily Activities: The biggest benefit of choosing a care planning application for your care agency is the easy management of all day-to-day operations. In care agencies, certain tasks need to be done repetitively on a daily basis. For example, fixing appointments, assigning tasks, tracking those assignments, generating invoices, etc. A care planning solution can automate all these tasks so that you never overlook any important activity. Real-time updates on all these tasks can also help you save a lot of time, ensure team collaboration and improve your client outcomes.
  2. Elimination of Human Error: The healthcare industry all over the world is getting huge benefits from care planning apps owing to the flawless results in caregiving. Earlier, the conventional method of paper care planning used to involve human errors, resulting in a massive failure of the system. But, today, you can get the advantage of a care planning application in reducing or almost eliminating the chances of unnecessary human error. Computerised tools can never go wrong when it comes to medication administration or fee calculation, which sets the foundation of any care agency.
  3. Reduction of Paperwork Cost: Budget is a real concern for caregivers who want to provide better services at a nominal cost and reach the maximum number of patients. However, with traditional caregiving conditions, a huge amount of money was invested in paperwork. Today’s care planning tools come with digital care plans, reducing the cost of paperwork, file storage, printing etc. Care agencies can invest this amount in direct patient care and earn more revenue for the organization. It can also help all the care agencies reduce paper waste and promote a greener environment.
  4. Secured Cloud Storage: Patient data and organization files are confidential and hence, they need complete protection. However, care agencies also need to store a huge amount of data for record purposes and future use. Gone are the days when care agencies needed a large space to store these files in their organization storage rooms. Today’s care planning applications are equipped with storage space that organizations can use for safe and secure storage of confidential files. The added benefit is that only the authorised users will get access to these files and there won’t be any chances of theft.
  5. 360 Degree Care Planning: For any caregiving agency, it’s crucial to find one cohesive platform that combines all the required functions starting from management of daily activities to communication between the clients and caregivers. Otherwise, switching between different apps can prolong the entire process and create confusion among the staff. Sanro Care app allows seamless integration, helping the agencies ensure a 360-degree service. As a result, this app can promote workflow among the staff members and help the caregivers provide personalized services to all patients.
Apart from the above 5 reasons, Sanro Care has much more to offer to the healthcare industry! This fully-integrated application includes some advanced features like On-Demand Reporting, Staff Records, EMAR, ROTA Notification, Company Policies, Care Notes, Timeline, Report Creation and plenty of others. And the best part is that it has a very simple dashboard that anyone with minimum proficiency can navigate with ease.
So, if you’re interested to know how it works, just download the Sanro Care app from your choice of device and get started!
We at Sanro Soft boast a bunch of highly skilled software developers, who have more than 10 years of experience in the industry. On your request, our developers can get the app customized at an affordable budget. So, whether you have any queries about our app Sanro Care or you want to build a unique care planning software from scratch, contact us today!