Top 10 feature for home care agency management application
Top 10 feature for home care agency management application
28 Jun, 2021

The care industry is one of the premier industries that require extensive management work. Starting from recruiting care professionals to schedule appointments and creating reports, there is a lot of management tasks that a care agency has to get done every day. To simplify it, one can take advantage of the care management application.

Any task management application seeks to provide an organized structure to maintain the daily tasks of an organization. You find a dashboard that gives you access to every feature of the application. As an easy-to-access place, it lets you organize, store, and display important information about your organization. All your employees can use the same application to update every task within the given timeline. As they can fill in timesheets within the app, there is no need for manual updates. Also, a task management application lets you create task reports and close a project.

Care management applications follow the same structure as agency management software. The added benefit is that a care management application is already configured with the requirements of a care agency. It caters to the needs and specifications of care agencies. Now, without any further delay, let’s explore the seven features that any full-scale care agency software should have.

  • Receive Rota Notification: Rota is a list that is essential when each of a number of people has to do a particular job. It shows the names and assignments in a listed format. There can be numerous formats of how one can design it. For care agencies, it’s important to notify the professionals each time they are assigned work. Care application makes the process automated. When you assign work to any of your professionals, the person will immediately get a notification stating all the detail and timeline.
  •  Access Service Users Care Plan: Within your care agency, there can be multiple professionals providing care to a huge number of clients. Now, what care software does is that it gives all your professionals access to the service users care plan. Every time they get a new client, they can see the care plan and proceed accordingly. This is one of the biggest advantages of getting a care application or software for your agency.
  •  eMAR: Electronic Medication Administration Record of eMAR is a feature that makes the care applications essential for care agencies. Today, with the advancement of technology, you get access to almost everything in a soft copy rather than a hard copy. It helps you to keep data safe and secure. eMAR is the electronic version of the paper records of your care agency. It can replace paper records that were previously used in your clients’ healthcare facilities.
  •  Review Personal Information: The main reason for choosing a management application is to organize workflow. The second reason is to make the work process easier for the employees. With access to your care agency app, all your care professionals can introduce themselves to others. Later, you can review their personal information whenever you need it.
  •  Submit Holiday Request: Maintaining attendance within an organization is one of the most crucial tasks for every manager. Care application can be integrated with timesheet and holiday request options. It can help your employees to request a holiday over your care app. You can use the app to mark both the presence and absence of an employee. The entire process becomes much easier to track.
  •  Access Company Policies and Procedures: Every company has a specific policy and procedure and a care agency is not an exception. Now, it’s important that you explain all the policies and procedures when you recruit a new employee. With the help of a care application, the employees can check the policies later on without your assistance. Maintaining decorum becomes easier.
  •  Login and Logout of Performed Duties: A care application can help you to make your organization digitally stronger. Some care apps give you the facility of logging in and log out. It means that you assign a task to your professional, the person completes it and you get automated notification. Once the person reaches the client’s home, he or she logs in and on completion of the day’s task, the person logs out.
  •  Taking Care Notes Remotely: It is also crucial for every care professional to take care notes regularly. Now, the app can make it easier for them. With the help of a care app, they are allowed to take their care notes from a remote location. This feature makes care applications a necessity for many care organizations, irrespective of their size and workload.
  • Free of Cost: The users of any application at first check its credibility. By signing in for free, they get limited access to the app’s features and then choose to pay for specific options. If your care app free of cost, you can make it available for most professionals and clients. It will help you in the long run to create trust and faith among your clients in your care agency.
  • Fast and Versatile: There are many care apps that are suitable for either android or apple. If you choose an app that is compatible with both platforms, you earn more client satisfaction. Also, it is important that your app should be fast loadable on all platforms. By simplifying the app features, you can get a care app customized according to your needs.

Now that you know the top ten features of a care app, go ahead and get a care app for your care agency now. If you are searching for a web and app development company that has its own care management application, you can feel free to get in touch with us. We, Sanro Soft, are one of the highly acclaimed agencies providing web and app development to a huge number of clients across the globe.