How to boost the hiring game?
How to boost the hiring game?
19 Jun, 2019

Recruitment is a sweating job.
Not because as the hiring manager or HR professional of an organization, you have to invest resources—time, effort, money, and human capital—but have to create strategies too. With these approaches, the leaving candidates take home a good impression, with or without the offer letter. When it comes to the hiring process, recruitment is manageable to some extent. Although giving a favorable experience to all the stakeholders is necessary, it is wearing, and this makes hiring a demanding work.

Bustling with the freelancing portfolios, solo entrepreneurs and start-ups, the current employment arena makes talent acquisition a tough work. Millennials and Gen Z expect high salary, flexibility, and suitability. At the same time, with the help of time management software they are making employment a highly volatile game.
With such fluctuating conditions, how can an organization stay at the top of its recruitment game?

Know your requirements

Are you writing the job description (JD) as the first thing for a new position? Hold on there!
You should not copy the JD from last year. It’s a big mistake. With time the market changes and usually, the job requirements are amplified with new skills frequently. What was relevant yesteryear might not hold true for the current time, So revise the JD by brainstorming with the project, account and subject matter experts of the field to prepare a comprehensive job description, Must-have skills you cannot discount should be included, and nice-to-have skills, which synergize the job role should complement the job description.
Also, define a clear salary bracket for the hiring team and identify the conditions to cross the upper threshold. Knowing the requirements well would engage the right fit candidates immediately. Also, your recruiting agency can serve you better. You would be able to filter out the anomaly and save your precious time.
The JD should not be a plain essay of skills, expected experience and offered salary range. It should highlight the results the job will bring in for the employee and the success associated with it.

Technology backing

Technology in HR space has gone beyond the hard copies of CV and reached LinkedIn surpassing the drowning Inbox with the soft copies of the resume. Hiring managers, recruiting agencies and HRs are now leveraging social media. They skim through the profiles of appropriate candidates and invite them for the interviews. As a member of these groups, you should not shy from leveraging the technology.
Many recruitment automation tools that integrate application tracking and recruitment marketing are available to help the recruiters to find, attract and engage the potential candidates and convert them. If recruiting groups fall behind to merge these tools in their company’s hiring plan, they will lose the competition against the techno-affluent firms.

People Analytics

Human psychology inclines towards the figures-based approach. Quantified quality in recruitment through People Analytics is the latest trend in the hiring field. The approach is also known as HR Analytics. People have always been the best asset for a company. With the competition growing higher every day, getting talented people on-board is now relaxed with the data-driven technology as mentioned earlier.
HR analytics gives a grand experience to the candidates who would generate referrals with their words. An informed decision about a person based on the culture, behavioral ways and skills through the data in hand enables the recruiting team to create a comfort zone for the candidates.
Data based hiring has proved inexpensive in terms of time and quality of the hiring process. Also, HR analytics can predict the turnover rate, the probability of who will leave and the chances of new positions being created.

Branding Matters

Develop a brand image as a recruiter to pull the talent in your industry.
Many organizations are ill-famed with ‘hire and fire’ policy. A few firms even after offering an excellent salary hike at the time of joining get a market image of an employer that raises the salary in the single number as low as 1-5%.
As a business group, create a brand not only for your products or services but also in the employment market. Deliver good experience to the candidates with better perks after hiring, bonus and decent variable pay. Termination should be a serious matter to create a good brand.

Measure the hiring success

Never forget to measure the level of your success and the facts behind it for future benchmarking. The modern data-based tools are also helping HRs and recruiters to track specific data that generate helpful reports. These reports cover various angles like candidate-to-hire ratio, time-to-hire, conversion rates and source of the right candidates.
Analysis of collected data helps recruiters to understand the requirements in the pipeline and gives an insight into the attrition rate to draw a plan for the new hires. HR managers get the power with these milestones to invest at a precise time with the right budget.

Novel Methods

Gone are the days of recruiting people via job boards and portals. Hiring through open positions published via the career page of the organization is obsolete. Candidates no longer want to visit these pages repeatedly for various organizations.
Referral programs bring traction in recruitment procedures as the candidates being referred by the employees are more trustworthy and with needed skills. This also increases employee benefits via bonus payouts. Another popular way is ‘proactive sourcing’ by identifying and engaging the right candidates via social media like Facebook and LinkedIn. Companies keep them in their pipeline even before a position is opened. A non-engaging brand on social media fails to attract and involve the talent pool in this techno-savvy era.
Inbound and not outbound measures in recruitment create a personal connection with the potential employees. The personal touch also warms up the passive candidates who are not searching for a job actively but are a good fit.
Recruitment is more than bringing people on-board. It is also about identifying the right fit and removing the noise through engagement. Successful hiring is also a way to create a comfortable environment for suitable candidates.
The strategies mentioned in this post are the proven methods prominent, and employee-friendly organizations are using. So, why stay aloof? Join as one among the global hiring brands by following these steps.