10 Web Development Trends to Follow in 2023
10 Web Development Trends to Follow in 2023
26 May, 2023

Whether you want to create a successful web solution or upgrade your existing website, all you need to know is the latest web development trends. Knowing these trends will help you to discuss with your web development company the features you want to highlight on the site. So, to help you in this task, here we present the 10 web development trends to follow in 2023. Scroll down till the end to find the best web solution ideas for your business.

There’s no denying that web development trends are evolving fast and keeping us updated is the most important task for web developers as well as website owners. After all, your online presence reflects your business goals and values, which should be represented correctly. This year, artificial intelligence is going to have the biggest impact on web development. Technologies such as augmented reality, IoT and others are also the first priority of web developers.

  1. Artificial Intelligence: AI tools can learn and solve problems way faster than human beings. Hence, AI technologies are going to be the most trending web development assistants this year and in the future as well. Reports say that retailing or e-commerce websites with AI-enabled communication are leading to complete customer satisfaction when compared to other sites.

  2. Augmented Reality: WebAR is going to be another significant web development trend this year. AR can interact with the users with a realistic approach and keep them engaged easily. And so, diverse industries including education, healthcare, tourism, gaming and IT are implying AR technologies in their websites. The AR market is going to have a rapid boost in the next 5 years.

  3. Progressive Web Apps: PWA technology is becoming widely popular owing to its user-friendliness. These web applications look and perform exactly like native apps when navigated from mobile phones. There are multiple advantages of PWAs including a smooth installation process, easy distribution, reduced cost, storage savings, offline access and increased speed.

  4. Internet of Behavior: IoB is an advanced technology that helps web developers to collect user data through IoT (Internet of Things). This communication ecosystem can help you monitor and control user behaviour and thereby make them your permanent customer. For this reason, this technology is very much trending in 2023 and will continue to be in trend in the coming years.

  5. Internet of Things: IoT is changing our lives by interlinking physical objects and exchanging data at a rapid speed. It’s creating communication networks to simplify the lifestyle of users from across the globe. In the web development industry, IoT can interlink operational models with website layouts and improve user experience to a great extent, which is the reason for its popularity.

  6. Motion UI: Web design plays a vital role in web development as it helps you to create an interactive layout of the site. Motion UI is one of the most powerful elements in web design and front-end development, which is also trending nowadays. Motion UI is also known for boosting web rankings. You can discuss with your web development company about its proper implementation.

  7. Voice Search: This technology recognizes speech and accordingly, gives the results of voice commands or queries of the users. Voice search is chosen by a wide number of internet users today and hence, web developers are also ensuring to build websites with voice search optimization. There are multiple advantages of voice search optimization including easy and fast communication.

  8. Javascript Frameworks: There are so many frameworks built with javascript, the widely acclaimed web development language. When it comes to choosing web development frameworks, a wide number of developers choose javascript frameworks only. If you want to follow this popular trend, you need to hire web developer who is specialized in javascript language and frameworks.

  9. Personalized Content: During the process of web development, content creation plays a vital role. But, do you know which type of content creation is trending nowadays? The answer is personalized content that’s useful, relevant and interesting. Tools such as machine learning are also helping developers to come up with the most relevant and customized content for websites.

  10. Single-Page Apps: SPAs are in trend for quite some time now and they will continue to be in trend this year also. SPAs are responsive, feature-rich and scalable. Web applications based on javascript are fast loadable and impressive if you compare them with ordinary websites. The users of SPAs get the feel of navigating a single page, which makes SPAs their favourites.

So, the above 10 web development trends can help you build your online presence with success. If you are on the lookout for a web development company that can ensure you all the above technologies in their services, look no further and contact us today. Sanro Soft is a renowned company providing web development and app development services to a wide network of customers from across the globe. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced web developers, who are always keen on adapting to the latest trends of web development. We can help you create a futuristic web solution for your business.