What are the 5 principles of person-centered care
What are the 5 principles of person-centered care
19 May, 2021

The demand for healthcare is ever-growing and hence, it is very important to expand the care industry across the globe. As the demand is increasing fast, caregivers often lose sight of the person behind the condition they are treating or caring. This is the main reason why person centered care is so important to us. It helps the carers to fulfil each patient's need beyond their ailment or disability. Finally, it helps the caregivers to focus on some crucial aspects of a patient's physical and mental wellness.

The health and social care sector worldwide is transforming their services to patient centered care as it has shown countless examples of the betterment of health. Hence, as a carer, you must know the principles of this service so that you learn how to apply it in practice. Here,we will discuss about the five main principles of patient centered care, which will help you tp understand its value. So, without any further delay, let's begin with what patient centered care means and then we will proceed to its five main principles.

What is Person Centered Care?

Person centered care is basically caring for patients by providing a tailored service that suits their individual needs. This service values the choices or priorities of individuals that usually differ from one to another. The patients can avail this service residing in their own home and they do not need to visit any care centre or nursing home in general.

To provide this service, the carer needs to know every patient as a person and involve them in making decisions. It always encourages feedbacks and inputs from patients that actually help them to recover sooner. As a carer, you need to adapt your service to the patients' needs, expectations and preferences throughout the process.

5 Principles of Person Centered Care:

1. Care with Respect and Dignity: The first principle of person centered care is to treat patients with respect and dignity. Usually, ordinary services do not focus on individual needs and often overlooks the person beyond the condition. On the contrary, this service enables the carers to maintain the dignity of people by respecting their needs and choices. It is more about compassion and empathy than treatment. Patients have their own thoughts, feelings and opinions, which are given priority in this service.

2. Provide Coordinated Care: Consistent or long term person-centred care involves coordination with other health and social care workers. If a patient move between services or carers, they need to again build the trust, which might lead to further complications. To avoid it, the caregivers record patients’ needs in their care plan and share it with other caregivers and services whenever necessary.

3. Offer Personalised Care: This one makes the main principle of the service as it requires the professional caregivers to understand that what works for one patient may not be suitable for another. By rejecting standardized approaches, it focuses on the patients’ personal circumstances and values. As a result, the patients retain some of their independence and fulfil their personal wants and needs.

4. Develop the Patient's Strengths: Now, what can be the motto of caring with a strong recognition of the patient's values? The motto is to develop the patient's strengths and abilities. In many cases, the patients lose hope and feel extremely demotivated. This service can make them to feel good by involving them in decisions and helping them take actions to support themselves. Finally, it makes them understand how to look after themselves independently.

5. Promote Mental Health: Physical and mental health cannot be separated when a patient is suffering for a longer period. Sometimes, a few days of illness can make us feel mentally exhausted. Also, for older people and people suffering from dementia or other mental conditions, a strong association with a positive-minded carer heals the best. Person centered care takes care that a patient follows a healthy routine and practices his or her hobbies regularly.

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